Wednesday 13 April 2011

Wyrd Tales 2

With the boys now, on Laundry Hill - At Ganges

Wyrd Tales 2 is reaching the final furlong, alas no Hippomania in this edition, that'll be a separate longer story, but here's the provisional outline:

Wyrd In Poetry, Theory And Practice
Planet Of The Spiders
The Dunwich Tapes
Stormtowers Of Atlantis (Ken Hollings)
Heuristic Catalogues I : The Delmer Institute
Heuristic Catalogues II: The O-Jazz Explosion
Skyline (Mark Pilkington)
At Ganges: Memoirs Of An English Aghora
Bleak And Solemn...: The Hauntological Landscapes of M.R. James (Mark Fisher)

Artwork by Lisa Cradduck, Dean Kenning, Phil Legard and more to be confirmed.

CD - full length, one single track: "Songs And Ceremonies Of The Elder Ones"

It was time for Wyard to release the songs and ceremonies of the Elder Ones

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