Thursday 20 June 2013

"Anti-Heroes" Chapters

A preview of the chapters in the "Anti-Heroes" booklet

1. Prologue
2. The Mangled Destinies Of Carriages And Men
3. Rex Mundi In Action: George Selwyn
4. Names That Widdershin Around The Mega Therion
5. Gnostic Doctors: Vaughan And Evans
6. Fungi From Suburbs
7. Northolt - World Heresy Site
8. The Luna Corridor
9. Constellation: Broadmoor with TRL Ascending
10. George Sanders: The Patron Saint of Misanthropic Cads
11. The Self Sacrificing Suburban Warlock: Robert Cochrane
12. Hell's Angel Blake: An Annotated Guide To A Coven Near Henley-On-Thames
13. Rituals In The Park
14. The Aisthesis Of Psychopathology

Sunday 2 June 2013

The Summer Feel Bad Album for 2013

Hey kids, The black sun is finally here - it's nearly time to unwind the roof of the convertible, head out to the Heathrow Flyer and traject your car at a coach party of holiday makers. "Anti-Heroes" is mixed and mastered, 8 summer feel band songs and a booklet packed full of psychopathological characters to compound your misery. Provisional release date 3rd July, anniversary of self-sacrificing warlock Robert Cochrane's endless sabbatical in Hades...

Artwork for the CD - featuring fantastic photo etching cover by Lisa Cradduck.