Monday 12 December 2011

Wyrd Tales 2 - Available in the souvenir shop now!

cover by Sarah Sparkes

English Heretic is delighted to announce the delivery of Wyrd Tales 2: a salvaged miscegenation of occult pulp, speculative meta-fiction, neolithic fantasy and mythic sci-fi. Wyrd Tales 2 will transport you to the horrific record collections of R'lyeh and the submerged libraries of a comic book Crowley.

Within its lurid pages, futuristic crab men crawl and the Machiavellian spectre of Joe Kennedy plots. Reports come in from the east coast of radical cannibal cults, we scry the haunted inner cinema of Norfolk beaches and shamanic lights are seen in ancient Britain's aeyr ways.

Featuring contributions by a renowned and talented roster of guest artists and writers, together with a CD of aural lagan, Wyrd Tales 2 promises to provide the magical vehicle for an archetypal voyage to England’s deep.

CD artwork by Dean Kenning and Lisa Cradduck

Wyrd Tales 2! Art and writing by Lisa Cradduck, Mark Fisher, English Heretic, Ken Hollings, Dean Kenning, Phil Legard, Mark Pilkington and Sarah Sparkes.

Cost £15 UK, £16 Rest Of The World

Book Contents (140 pages full colour)

  • Wyrd – in poetry, theory and practice
  • Planet of the spiders
  • The Dunwich tapes
  • Heuristic catalogues: A.W.D.R.E.Y Recordings
  • The storm towers of Atlantis
  • Skyline
  • ‘Bleak and solemn...’ the hauntological landscapes of M.R. James
  • First reports of a Tantric death cult At Ganges

CD Contents (41min) comes in Digipak featuring: 'The Dunwich Mix Tapes'