Thursday 6 March 2008

The London Tauroctony

As part of the opening of the "New Dark Age" art show curated by Dean Kenning at Hats Plus, English Heretic will be performing a set of ritual electronics on March 20th at The Carpenter's Arms, Kings Cross Road, Kings Cross London. A celebration of the Mithraic festival of the Taurobolium, the order of service is (provisionally):

*Kings Cross Black Magick Night
*Black Venus In Furs (A setting to ritual electronic rock of The Tuba Veneris)
*The Mystic Art, Anthem of English Heretic
*Prise Open The Mithraic Sarcophagus (A rendering of the Mithraic Liturgy)
*Taurobolium AD 2008

English Heretic for this ceremony will be:
Dr. Alain Champagne - guitar, electronics, gong and vocals
Sebastian Copely-Syle - guitar,flute,singing bowl and vocals
This event is ticket only, and performance will start at 10.30pm. If you are interested in attending contact The English Heretic box office at