Thursday 21 July 2011

Great Plaque Nights

Upcoming gigs:

Montague Arms 20th August 2011, New Cross, London

English Heretic present Great Plaque Nights: We will be performing 4 pieces in honour of plaque recipients. 

Documenting Witchcraft, the ritual misuse of psychedelics and psychopathology in the Home Counties, traversing the M4 corridors of a sleazy inner cinema, we will reveal the lurid soul of the suburban world through celebrated mediums:

Dick Bush (ritual cinematographer of Blood On Satan's Claw and Dracula AD 72)
Robert Cochrane (self-delivering 60s witch cult leader)
Ian Ball (the most dangerous working class dissenter this country has ever seen)
Dr. Robert Vaughan (hoodlum scientist and anti-hero of JG Ballard's Crash)

Support from Christos Fanaras (evoking the soundtracks of Popul Vuh and Goblin).

10th September, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge

The English Heretic mystery machine will be heading to Brideshead Revisited land for the psychedelic all-dayer. More details here. Promises to be a great day out with various pals from across the country including Raagnagrok All Stars, Disinformation, Time, Pete Um, Man From Uranus and many more.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Earth Is The Alien Planet 1


Earth Is The Alien Planet 1, a set on Flickr.

Is it not also possible to report the activities of an alien planet, by use of tactical psycho photography?