Wednesday 30 November 2011

Wyrd Tales 2! Launch and Synopsis

cover by Sarah Sparkes

English Heretic is delighted to announce the delivery of Wyrd Tales 2: a salvaged miscegenation of occult pulp, speculative meta-fiction, neolithic fantasy and mythic sci-fi. Wyrd Tales 2 will transport you to the horrific record collections of R'lyeh and the submerged libraries of a comic book Crowley.

Within its lurid pages, futuristic crab men crawl and the Machiavellian spectre of Joe Kennedy plots. Reports come in from the east coast of radical cannibal cults, we scry the haunted inner cinema of Norfolk beaches and shamanic lights are seen in ancient Britain's aeyr ways.

Featuring contributions by a renowned and talented roster of guest artists and writers, together with a CD of aural lagan, Wyrd Tales 2 promises to provide the magical vehicle for an archetypal voyage to England’s deep.

CD artwork by Dean Kenning and Lisa Cradduck

Luminous Books have kindly invited English Heretic to launch Wyrd Tales 2 at their shop on Saturday December 10th. The evening will include annotated readings by contributors, DJ sets, libations and a chance to purchase copies of the book and CD.

From 7.00pm till 10.30pm.

More details here:

Luminous Books
3-5, Frederick Terrace E8 4EW

Performances and talks by:

Ken Hollings – The storm towers of Atlantis (with musical backing by Indigo Octagon)
Mark Fisher – Bleak and solemn... the hauntological landscapes of M.R. James
English Heretic – First Reports Of A Tantric Death Cult At Ganges
DJ sets by Dean Brannagan
Display of Art from Wyrd Tales 2.

Wyrd Tales 2! Art and writing by Lisa Cradduck, Mark Fisher, English Heretic, Ken Hollings, Dean Kenning, Phil Legard, Mark Pilkington and Sarah Sparkes.

Available in the English Heretic souvenir shop from 12th December.
Cost £14 UK, £16 Rest Of The World

Book Contents (140 pages full colour)

  • Wyrd – in poetry, theory and practice
  • Planet of the spiders
  • The Dunwich tapes
  • Heuristic catalogues: A.W.D.R.E.Y Recordings
  • The storm towers of Atlantis
  • Skyline
  • ‘Bleak and solemn...’ the hauntological landscapes of M.R. James
  • First reports of a Tantric death cult At Ganges

CD Contents (41min) comes in Digipak featuring: 'The Dunwich Mix Tapes'

Saturday 12 November 2011

Mondo Qliphoth! Kennedy Day 1

Live On The English Heretic Histrionics Channel...

English Heretic  Mondo Qliphoth. Kennedy Day 1

6 and 8 Manor Road
Stoke Newington
N16 5SA

Tues 22nd November

Doors 7.30pm

This day in psychohistory: 22nd November 1963

Psychohistory: the study of psychological motivation for historical events
Is it possible that a single violent event can rupture the fabric of the space-time continuum, create an Alice In Wonderland like portal to an eternal nightmare. And do the illuminati of politics and pop culture tap into these dates for their evil ceremonies - ceremonies of which we are mere chattle?

Was the world sucked into its own qliphoth on one such day in 1963?

Tonight on the English Heretic psychohistory channel, we offer the opportunity to explore the mind-bending, mind-blowing synchronicities of 22ndNovember 1963. For not only did the president of America fall victim to the assassin's rifle but that very day in California, author and psychedelic voyager Aldous Huxley succumbs to cancer. As his physician Dr. Bernstein watches news of JFK in the living room, Huxley's wife injects the writer with a death bed dose of lysergic acid. Stranger still, beneath the dreaming spires of Oxford, England, the much loved chronicler of Narnia, Clive Staples Lewis slips to a synchronous coma before departing to the otherside of the mortal wardrobe.

More sinister yet, in the world of pop, The Beatles, a few hours prior to the assassination, release their second album “Meet The Beatles” - a coincidence? Possibly, though 5 years later to the day, drug-addled, Messianic and world conquering, they release the infamous White Album. The White Album becomes the apocalyptic seal for Charles Manson's California death cult. Were these release schedules really occult marketing events?

Is it also possible that the cosmic arbiters of good and evil, use this date to deliver us from rex mundi, the satanic possession of the planet. A ridiculous theory perhaps, but 27 years to the day of the savage ceremony at Dealey Plaza, Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Maiden of British Politics resigns at the door of Downing Street. Britain awakes from her Elizabeth Bathory like reign of blood sacrifice in South Sea Islands.

In our inaugural Kennedy Day celebration, we are inviting performative responses to each or all of these synchroncities: musical, visual or theatrical re-enactments of Huxley's death bed trip, Thatcher's exit from her Macbethian rule, Lewis on the other side of Narnia, decodings of The Beatles' pop grimoires.


themed performances by

English Heretic , Msyterium, Amnertia

Film Screenings

And More 

22nd November 1963 – Dealey Plaza, Texas – President Kennedy Assassinated
22nd November 1963 – California, USA – The Death of Aldous Huxley
22nd November 1963 – Oxford, England – The Death of C.S. Lewis
22nd November 1963- London, England – The Beatles release “Meet The Beatles”
22nd November 1968 – London, England – The Beatles release “The White Album”
22nd November 1990 – London, England – Margaret Thatcher resigns

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Burnt Out - Fire Sermons, Fire Summons

English Heretic will be playing this Friday 4th at The Apiary gallery, along with Mysterium, Guy Harries +  Yumi Hara Cawkwell, Graham Dunning + Ingrid Plum.

Curated By Kevin Quigley
BURN MAGICK BURN is a unique evening of performance that brings together a series of artists / performers to explore the boundaries between performance, music and ritual. Coming together under the cloak of Fire magic Ritual in conjunction with the sacrificial  bonfire weekend the artists will present new performance works evoking the sprites and imps of fire!
- expect an evening of spine chilling immersive enchanted music -
English Heretic Present: Burnt Out – Fire Sermons, Fire Summons

Tonight English Heretic explore the Buddhist concept of The Fire Sermon in the context of its Black Plaque recipients. The Fire Sermon – a metaphor for the burrning nerves of complete psychic capitulation epitomised by the suicides of Michael Reeves and Robert Cochrane; the schizophrenic Ian Ball’s act of royal treason. The Fire Sermon was made popular in the West by TS Eliot’s Wasteland. In 1925, Eliot wrote the Hollow Men, an allusion to the straw effigies of bonfire night, an allusion to his own mental breakdown. More frighteningly, did Michael Reeves summon a curse upon the village of Lavenham by filming a witch-burning scene in the medieval village during the making of Witchfinder General? Actor Ian Olgivy described the mood in the village following the witch-burning scene:

“…There was an element of spectacle there and it was curious that the next day several inhabitants of Lavenham who had taken part in it and lived around the square, said ‘You should have heard the clanking and the crying and the screaming last night’. That we’d woken a lot of the ghosts up. And they were quite serious about this. ‘There was a terrible, awful noise of wind, screams and moans’. It was strange”.

Shortly after completion of the film Reeves dies in a suspected suicide. In 1969, Sharon Tate, the wife of Roman Polanski had a role in the film The 13 Chairs, a comedy horror, interior and exterior scenes of which were shot at Lavenham. In 1970, John Lennon and Yoko One filmed their experimental movie Apotheosis above the snow covered fields of Lavenham and in 1971, Pier Paolo Pasolini directed The Canterbury Tales, which used the Suffolk village as the location of medieval London . The 13 Chairs proved to be Tate’s last film before she was brutally murdered by members of the Manson Family. In 1975 Pasolini was senselessly beaten to death by an acquaintance on the shores of Ostia, and in 1980 Mark Chapman gunned down Lennon outside the Dakota buildings in New York.


Yumi Hara Cawkwell and Guy Harries perform another intense sound ritual around the theme of fire, using electronics, found objects, movement and voice. Otherworldy, engimatic, transformative, magical.


will perform a intense drone vocal piece with earthquaking ‘transcending’ vocals / drone phasing guitar / dark organ / euphoric saxophone

mysterium players for this performance are -

Christos Fanaras (analog synth-organ)
Colin Webster (alto-sax)
Kevin Quigley (Guitar / electronics)
Leslie Goosey (vocals)
Leigh-ann Abela (vocals)


Is an artist/musican and his working practice deals with temporality, memory and narrative through sound, performance and installation.
He is interested in people’s discarded memories and the function of archiving. Found objects, photographs and recordings feature in my work investigating notions of the artefact and implied narrative.
Is a Danish-born Artist living in the U.K.Her work mainly consists of installations using video, sound, sculpture and live performances, often involving a spatial arrangement of screens,monitors and objects to create dialogues between visuals and the spaces they are shown in. The imagery filmed focuses on unnoticed, accidental phenomena that occur in our everyday environment, sometimes recreated in a studio or filmed on location.