Saturday 1 August 2009

Out Now From English Heretic

Probably the first Musical inspired by the creative occultism of Kenneth Grant, Tales Of The New Isis Lodge presents 65 minutes of lush and occult exotica issuing from a transplutonic transmitter. Drawing its structure from the ultra decadent and ornate rituals described in Grant's book Hecate's Fountain English Heretic guide you through Egyptian pre-history to the fungi of Yuggoth, re-imagine flower power in an Indian Tantric idiom, describe the workings of Chinese sorcerers, realise the neither-neither hidden within the jump rhythms of Count Basie and invoke Choronzon in the Crimson Desert. Aeons in its reification and packaged in delicious artwork, stylised as a homage to Grant's Typhonian tomes.

CD Track Listing: 1] Typhonian Museum Piece 2] She Comes In Kalas 3] Tales Of The New Isis Lodge 4] Earth's Lament To The Stars 5] Cult Of The Ku 6] Vevers Of The Void 7] Les Voltigeurs 8] Secret Organization Of The Zotzil 9] Rite Of Kepra 10] Demon Feast / The Dagger Of Bou Said
Available from the English Heretic Souvenir Shop £8.00