Tuesday 29 March 2011

Royal Wedding News

April promises to be busy and exciting at English Heretic. Just a brief update of things that were, things that are and shall be.

On a personal note, I've completed my final exam for the msc and will be starting my project. The project will involve the development of  a computational tool to mine omic and mri data from Alzheimers studies.

In addition to this, Wyrd Tales 2  is coming together and  Iam starting to put together the layout. A CD will accompany the book - a single long piece, that is taking shape - ritualistic and surreal, using heuristic field recordings... think psychoprography... I'll be posting up the book contents in the near future.

I've been invited by Fortean Times to cover and take part in the Sonic Weekend at Buxton, which is happening on 8th/9th/10th April.

Finally, in honour of  the Royal Wedding, we will be releasing a commemorative recording. More on this exciting venture soon.

Pondering the future, at the tomb of John Allan, Nunhead Cemetery