Wednesday 5 December 2007

English Heretic Research proposals for 2008

English Heretic will be carrying out extensive and cavalier research into the neuropsychological bases for Godhead. To this end Dr Champagne will be purchasing the following apparatus from Shakti technology:

One 8 Coil Shakti headset - with the explicit intention of understanding Life after Death, Visions of God, Romantic Love, Enlightenment, Deja Vu, and even Out Of Body Experiences".

"Thus far, about 20 or so people have reported feeling the presence of Christ or even seeing him in the chamber (The acoustic chamber where the experimental sessions took place). Most of these people used Christ and God interchangeably. Most of these individuals were older (30 years or more) and religious (Roman Catholic). One male, age about 35 years old (alleged atheist but early childhood RC (Roman Catholic) training), saw a clear apparition (shoulders and head) of Christ staring him in the face. He was quite "shaken" by the experience. I did not complete a follow-up re: his change in behavior. Of course these are all reports. What we did find with one world-class psychic who experiences Christ as a component of his abilities was we could experimentally increase or decrease his numbers of his reported experiences by applying the LTP pattern (derived from the hippocampus) over the right hemisphere (without his awareness). The field on-response delay was about 10 to 20 sec. The optimal pattern, at least for this person, looked very right hippocampal.By far most presences are attributed to dead relatives, the Great Forces, a spirit, or something equivalent. The attribution towards along a devil to angel continuum appears strongly related to the affect (pleasant-terror) associated with the experience. I suspect most people would call the "vague, all-around-me" sensations "God" but they are reluctant to employ the label in a laboratory. The implicit is obvious. If the equipment and the experiment produced the presence that was God, then the extrapersonal, unreachable and independent characteristics of the god definition might be challenged."

We intend to use this device at Rendlesham Forest, at night, at the site of the suspected UFO landing, whilst performing the Mithraic Ritual and listening to George Crumb's Black Angels.

"Please God Fuck My Mind, For Good" - Coil...

Volunteers very much welcome...


razorsmile said...

Sounds like a fascinating experiment, though I confess to the fact that the Mithras Liturgy is not something I've come across before and so it wasn't entirely transparent in its operation. These things tend to become clearer with practice though...I'd be up for taking part, but Suffolk is a bit out of my way ;-) Maybe we could get you down here to Sussex and wander along to Clapham Woods - a couple of us have a plan to spend the night over there sometime soon as part of some general research. Here's some links for info...

The Baptists' Head

Dr. Champagne said...

well sure; I'd be up for a travelling research group - anyway Sussex is one my favourite places, so need little excuse. I can see why you mention Clapham Woods... there definitely seems to be interesting parallels between the ufo=witch cult perichoresis of there and Rendlesham.
The Mithras Liturgy is used in connection with its ufo-logical reading by Grant in "Outer Gateways" mediated via Mead and also Arthur Machen. It's mentioned in his story "Change", which has strong hints of abductee experience viewed through pre-ufo mythic imagery (ie the changeling). Interestingly this variable "hag/abductee" experience is exactly what Michael Persinger is trying to quantify with his headset. It just seems the logical conclusion to our studies that we should try and push the envelope a bit further, but in fun and psychedelic way... much like John lilly..

The second is its temporal significance in the ufo scare which occured on 25th December 1980, which of course was once the feast of mithras. One of EH preoccupations is a seemingly myth-magical race memory which seems to persist unconsciously and might account for such intrusions as these.

Grant's reading of it is quite idiosycrantic and alot his interpretation is to fit with his pet theories, but purely from a magical poetic view its very powerful. The vowel based mantra has a very vertiginous effect on the operator. In fact there's a recording of our interpretation of it.Also, because English Heretic are using it in "musical" context, it's structure leant itself very well a musical interpretation, which were recorded for "Visitor Guides". I read recently that someone found it the most frightening piece of music they had heard... which was very pleasing...

We should really follow this discussion off-line... drop us an email in the link from website if you want a copy of the recording (which also has some notes on the rite, rendlesham, grant, brundish witch cults et al)...

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