Saturday, 3 March 2012

Live at CafeOTO 27th March

English Heretic will be performing at CafeOTO as part of the first in a new series of events from GALVANISED!

Briefly, our set will be showcasing new material from the next English Heretic release, provisionally entitled "Anti-Heroes"... with tributes to Black Plaque recipients Angel Blake, Robert Cochrane, Dick Bush and the monks of Medmenham (Paul Whitehead, George Selwyn and Thomas Potter). 

About Ritual


Is a new series of events from art-music curators GALVANISED! exploring esotericism in music and performance art. We are producing an exploratory platform that brings together artists and musical performers to examine and amplify the relationships between; magic / movement / action / art / sound. RITUAL will glamorously keen your mind - lest we will open up new possibilities in the theatrics of musical presentation.

- don't miss this first event with legendary ritual performer Z'EV plus four other intriguing occult inspired performers ENGLISH HERETIC / MYSTERIUM / EBE OKE / YUMI HARA CAWKWELL + GUY HARRIES

Tickets available here

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