Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Haunted Shoreline

I've posted a few blog entries over the past year or so under the title of The Actophile Society. I think the concept arose from The Dunwich Tapes stories that appeared in Wyrd Tales 2. However, the beach as harbinger of  rich archetypal, hermetic and surreal imagery has been already been perfectly realised by The Haunted Shoreline blog. The Haunted Shoreline's most recent entry unearths a rock that bears an uncanny resemblance to Dali's Accommodations Of Desire. In Cults Of The Shadow, Kenneth Grant makes a memorable connection between Dali's magical fetishism embodied by that painting and Spare's Alphabet of Desire. Grant asserts that Spare's system of correspondences between the inner movements of sexual impulse and the outer form of its manifestation equates to Dali's accommodations of desire - which are visualised as shadowy voids each having the shape of the ghostly object which inhabits its latency. 

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The Haunted Shoreline said...

Thanks for the kind words- I've just updated, with a post about the Dali painting. http://thehauntedshoreline.wordpress.com