Sunday, 2 September 2007

LAM and Lieutenant 70

It's interesting to note in Ballard's condensed chapter "Lieutenant 70", that the isolated incident at the strategic air command takes place on December 25th, 197-. Of course the allusion is that the mysterious figure is Christ, "with the set of plates of a human fetus evidently taken some thirty years previously". But also are there not some neat correspondences with the Rendlesham incident, which took place on December 25th 1980... another example of JGBs precognitive powers. Further, the human fetus could also relate to the ufo abductee experience. Michael Persinger has suggested that the fetal like appearance of aliens in ufo encounters might be as a result of the neurophysiological phenomenon of self proprioception of memories of the womb. Further doesn't LAM also exhibit fetal like qualities. Fianally, JGB just misses the Qabalistic figure of LAM by 1, LAM being 71 and his lieutenant being 70, though no doubt with a little bit of creative qabalistic accounting we could make sense of that too....

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