Saturday, 18 August 2007

Make your own Ghost Cosmonaut

As an addendum to the previous post, I've always wanted to create my own ghost. One idea I had was to buy a Russian Cosmonaut suit and set up some fake debris in a field, late at night. Then from the early morning, donning my outfit I would wander around the field near my crash landed module, looking terribly dazed.
Indeed Cosmonaut Anatoliy Levchenko's `Sokol` suit would seem to have the right degree of poetic resonance about it. This can be bought from the USSR-Russian Aviation & Space Collectables web site...
As the catalogue states:
"Sokol space suit worn by research cosmonaut Anatoliy Levchenko during his flight aboard Soyuz TM-4, Soyuz TM-3 ships and space station MIR during the period 12.21.1987-12.29.1987. Buran test pilot and MIR cosmonaut A.Levchenko died of a brain tumor only few months after his return from MIR....."

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