Saturday, 7 July 2007

Heuristic Catalogues 1

While visiting Orford Ness, I was amused by how some of the signs around the buildings could be easily manipulated into hackneyed post industrial album art. It was quite obvious that with the smallest effort you could construct an imaginary discography for some terrifyingly earnest military obsessed record label, specialising in Cold War music. What would the label be called and what ridiculously over codified concepts would their roster of bands (sorry "research units") dish out . Well below are some only so slightly doctored photos from Orford Ness that have been used to construct the latest catalogue from the "Delmer Institute" record label.

The Delmer Institute Catalogue 2007.
About us... The Delmer Institute is named in commemoration of the Great British Black Propagandist, Sefton Delmer. Operating from a renovated WWII decoy site in Norfolk, England, we are global specialists in the manufacture and distribution of Cold War Music. Leading up to our annual "Horishima Day" festival at Orford Ness, we are delighted to provide our comrades the opportunity to purchase the following items from our renowned roster of Research Units.

Control Room - Space Time Ritual (CD)
Legendary UK, psych death noise unit, Control Room return with a live recording at Nagasaki, on 8th August 2005. Comes with a 12 page sermon by chief "propaganda priest" for Control Room, Brian Lam, in which he states: "This event was a chemico-magickal (re)aktion carried out by Control Room, with the intention of reversing time to August 1945, in order to prevent the dropping of the atomic bomb". With copious photographic documents, musically influenced by the ancient Buddhist Madhyamaka Sect of Bhutan and Hawkwind.

Prohibited Area - Forbidden Photography and Sketching: Music for Blue Danube(CD)
Controversial self-styled Nuclear missile fetishists, Prohibited Area, were commissioned to provide the soundtrack for "Blue Danube": a hardcore pornography film set on location at Orford Ness. A blend of Erotic Funk and samples from 1950's U.S Nuclear propaganda documentaries, Prohibited Area, once again show themselves to be at the fore front of the Cold War music scene.

Information Building - Throat songs from the Terminal Wards of Pripyat. (CD)
Information Building present a heartbreaking album of Mongolian Throat songs, performed by a choir entirely composed of patients at a Sanatorium near Chernobyl Nuclear power plant. All victims of terminal thyroid cancer brought upon by the disaster of 1986, the songs mix together liturgical texts concerning Wormwood and Revelations along with bleak minimal electronics taken from Geiger Counter readings at the infamous "Red Forest" in the immediate vicinity of the reactor. First 66 copies come with a vial of soil samples from Chernobyl.

Testing Environmental - The Wreck Of The Rainbow Warrior (2XCD)
Anarchist Circus Troupe, Testing Environmental, follow up their acclaimed release "Songs And Cabaret of The French Resistance", with a musical concept album, concerning the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, in 1985, by the French Secret Service. Mixing Polynesian Sea shanties with Funeral Doom, Wreck of The Rainbow Warrior weaves together the history of nuclear testing on Pacific Atolls with Lovecraftian themes of a sunken city of Rl'yeh. Each copy comes with a stylish Beret adorned by a hand stitched "Testing Environmental" logo.


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BTW if you like Whitehouse then you might like this blog

fantastic "Skinhead" Richard Allen
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