Sunday, 29 July 2007

Carry On The Apocalypse

The apocalypse seemed to be the flavour of my week.

Hired out the League Of Gentlemen film which of course had an apocalyptic theme and saw The Simpsons Movie which saw an eco-Armageddon coming to Springfield. It's interesting to me the way these film versions of TV programmes have changed... say from the 70's format, where a film version might encompass something like a holiday... like Holiday On The Buses, or the Only Fools and Horses Xmas specials... from road movie to eschatological denouement in 30 years. It be might amusing to recast Rising Damp into some kind of Drowned World scenario, given the current great deluge.

On this theme there was a Killer Cults doc on Sky last night. It covered Branch Davidian, Order Of The Solar Temple, Aum sect and People's Temple. There was quite alot of chilling footage I had never seen. Schlocky but riveting. In keeping with this, perhaps English Heretic shop should start selling Emergency Kits for the coming rapture ... Or maybe it's time to set fire to the web site and create a SAS scorched version of the homepage.

There are a couple of interesting depth psychology books I am reading at the moment:
Archetype of the Apocalypse by EF Erdinger which is a Jungian study of the Book of Revelation
Dreaming The End of The World by Michael Ortiz Hill which is a study of end-of-the-world dreams collected by the author from patients etc.

Finally, I had the pleasure of doing an interview for journalist Will Stone's radio show "The Hour Of The Apocalypse" that runs on resonancefm. Hopefully to be broadcast in the next month or so.

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