Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Poisoned Chalice

A short post to really thank Gavin Semple for providing inspiration for the track Two Hundred And Forty Hours on our latest release. I read Gavin's excellent booklet on Robert Cochrane a few years back. It's called The Poisoned Chalice and is an incisive and well researched investigation into the end days of the Slough magister. Gavin's also been very helpful and supportive in discussion over this part of the project. Gavin recently pointed out a fascinating synchronicity in the death of Cochrane... Cochrane passed away on 3rd July 1966, after ten days in a coma. On 3rd July 1969 Brian Jones drowned and two years later on the same day, in 1971, Jim Morrison passed away in his bath tub. Of course the chalice in Tarot is synonymous with the cups and water. Perhaps this is the Poisoned Chalice. I made the allusion between Cochrane and Ian Curtis, but these synchronicities make it all the more "oo-ee-oo" to use Ed Sanders' phrase.

You can check out Gavin's blog, which includes a bibliography of his other work and news of a release from his sound project Spectral.

Cheers Gavin!

Two Hundred And Forty Hours from English Heretic on Vimeo.

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