Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lisa Cradduck: The Blue Plague

Dear friend Lisa Cradduck has a solo show called Blue Plague opening at WestLane South in Bermondsey on 9th January. Lisa has also a new website detailing her recent work too, which is quite simply incredible. Blue Plague is a giant linocut panorama / crime scene reconstruction of the kettling of students during the protests of December 2010. 

And it's a masterpiece - really - think Goya, think Otto Dix, think Hogarth. Anatomically unnerving and skeletal police officers on apocalyptic horseback strip bare the deeper implications of that day. Lisa's also running workshops during the exhibition on each Saturday which sound like they will be very inspirational too.

Details of the private view event on facebook.

Lisa provided one of the artworks for the Wyrd Tales 2 CD, which too is a beautiful piece of work and a large print of it adorns my studio. I also have her saucy Guede postcards on the wall above my desk! A rare, surreal talent,  Lisa's work is filigreed with the finest and precise applications of black humour.

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