Friday, 13 April 2012

Coming soon! Night Of The Demon At The Electric Palace

Night Of The Demon: The Last Resort Of Aleister Crowley

Electric Palace
39a High Street
East Sussex
TN34 3ER

Monday, 21st May. 7.30pm – 10.30 pm

The wonderful Electric Palace cinema plays host to an evening of applied Crowleyanity, featuring a screening of Jacques Tourneur's Night Of The Demon, a preview of the forthcoming book Netherwood: The Last Resort Of Aleister Crowley and a live performance by the creative occult organisation, English Heretic.

Night Of The Demon (1957)

Jacques Tourneur's adaptation of M R James' Casting Of The Runes famously characterises Aleister Crowley in the guise of Julian Karswell – a top hatted, mansion house dwelling, mummy's boy whipping up demonic winds from runic spells. Operating a Satanic cult, inculcating imbecile murderer Hobart with occult psychobabble, Karswell is the perfect celluloid archetype of the avuncular black magician.

English Heretic

A live performance of two pieces across the Thelemic axis of English Heretic's catalogue:
Open The Mithraic Stargate – a ritual electronic rendering of Mithraic Liturgy. Refracted through Crowley's disciple Kenneth Grant's ufological lens, this gnostic hymn purports to contain noless than the formula to initiate rapport with the Outer Ones of Lovecraftian Lore; The Dagger Of Bou Said – a desolate metal soundtrack to the reading of Crowley and Neuberg's encounter with the demon of the Tenth Aethyr, Choronzon.

Antony Clayton – Gentleman of Hastings

As a taster to the forthcoming book Netherwood: Last Resort Of Aleister Crowley,  Antony will be taking the audience on an annotated guide to the remarkable guesthouse where the “Wickedest Man In The World” spent his final years, playing chess, injecting heroin and receiving an impressive cast of visitors. A unique memoir of place and person Antony's “Netherwood” is soon to be released in limited hard back edition, including over 40 photographs and illustrations.

Tickets £4 Limited seating!
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