Wednesday, 25 May 2011

St. Audry's Asylum Collection


St. Audry's Asylum Collection , a set on Flickr.

A delightful surprise on a visit with the kids to Felixstowe museum - an amazing room dedicated to St. Audry's Lunatic Pauper Asylum: ECT machines; photographs of the hospital facilities - including the hairdressers; creepy paintings by patients; an even creepier painting of the main entrance - complete with ambulance delivering or taking away an inmate; a mortuary toolset.

Self-administering ECT
Painting of the main entrance to St. Audry's
Shrine to the Matron


Glimmung said...

Oh my word, this is great. Hope the ECT left you feeling invigorated ;)

Dr. Champagne said...

oh yes... ;)

Seriously it's an amazing collection. They also have a photo archive which they said i can take a look at next time iam down. A totally unexpected treat. I recently went up to St. Audry's - now a housing estate (see earlier post) so this was the perfect insight of what was and great material for a speculative what might be for the housing estate.

hope you're good Andrew!


Huff The Talbot said...

The middle picture reminds me of the cover of Nursery Cryme by Genesis (a bit).