Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Blood On Satan's Claw And The Triple Goddess

English Heretic will be performing a rare live event at the Toilet Gallery in  Kingston Upon Thames, on  Monday 2nd May. More details to follow but here is a brief synopsis:

As part of its ongoing research into the Sacred Geography Of British Cinema:

English Heretic present a comparative study of the classic horror film Blood On Satan's Claw in relation to Robert Graves' mythopoetic delineation of the May Eve Witch Cults of Northern Europe.

Featuring a screening of the film, annotated with a mindbending report extrapolated from location hunts to the key scenes.

The talk will discuss the palimpsest of myth and toponymy hidden in the film, the cultural climate of its making and incredible evidence of the possible reincarnation of a coven at Bix.

Following on from the talk, English Heretic will attempt to transcend Time And Space by means of ritual electronics to transport the audience to the very cult of a May Day sacrifice.

The Sacred Geography Of British Cinema.

Is it not beyond the bounds of credulity that a well staged, suitably ornate ritual portrayed through the visual arts may harness the power to tear the fabric of consensus reality - and with what results: the letting in of monstrous denizens from a fantastic and bloody celluloid nightmare? The blind atavisms of the preternatural realm may not know the difference between theatrical ceremony and the incantations of the supposedly initiated. The Sacred Geography Of British Cinema presents the results of a series of investigations and site visits to real locations that have been employed as the backdrops for some of the most powerful and frightening scenes in British film history. Focusing on sites of violent immolation and qliphothic invocation, English Heretic provide a series of guides to enable you to imbibe the troubled spirits that may now haunt these environs. With detailed scene synopses, walker's guides and field experiments for you to try out, The Sacred Geography of British Cinema aims to provide a tangible portal to fantastic and uncanny realms.


Lucy Fur Leaps said...

Is it going to be in the evening cos I desperately want to come- can't believe this is happening in Kingston!

Dr. Champagne said...

hi lucy,
will be from about 5pm onward i think. includes talk, music and film show.