Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Concrete And The Clay beneath our feet

There is now a site dedicated to the Magick Concrete project

I was amused to read the news report of the earthquake in Cumbria at 23.00 hours on the 21st December, the day of the reification of  Do They Know It's Mithras? For the first time in any of the recitals of this Mithraic Rite I used the section of text from the eight utterance:

1. Hail Guardians of the Pivot, ye, sacred sturdy Youths, who all, at once, revolve the spinning Axis of Heaven's Circle, ye who let loose the thunder and the lightning, and earthquake-shocks and thunder-bolts upon the hosts of impious folk,

The epicentre of the quake was at Coniston, resting place of Donald Campbell, overlooked by John Ruskins' house. According to one local:

Neil Wilkinson, of Whitehaven, Cumbria, said the tremor "shook my house and the bed I was lying in".

Whitehaven is my birthplace. Given the connotations of rebirth in the later sections of the rite, one might say this is a synchoncreticity... Today (4th January) is the anniversary of Campbell's death, at Coniston Lake.

The Christmas period was spent in Barcelona, Montserrat and Figueras researching, documenting and recording for Magick Concrete.  Christmas day was spent in Montserrat, where I attended the Mass and took part in the adoration of the Black Madonna in the crypt of the Santia Maria monastery...

One of the shrines on the path to the holy grotto at Montserrat

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