Sunday, 6 June 2010

Pine Cones and Baphomet

The front image on English Heretic website comes from the gates of Christchurch park in Ipswich. On top of the columns are two pine cones. The entrance to the park is opposite the Ipswich Masonic Lodge. A few year years ago, I worked in a suite of offices next to the lodge called Saracen's House business centre. Inside the business centre was a picture of the building as it was. The business centre used to be the Saracen's Head public house.
Of course the Knight's Templar worshipped a severed head. A few months after joining the company, we relocated to Crown House offices, just up the road. Sometime later, a chap visited our offices offering my then boss a whiteboard that his company in the same office block, no longer required.
A few weeks later my boss told me the man who had visited was the brother of Ken Bigley, the hostage. Bigley had just been beheaded.
The truth reveals itself in images...

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Sasika02 said...

The Baphomet is one element of the Templars mythos, could produce so many concepts as to its real roots is awesome. The attention in the Baphomet has live through over 600 decades and taken many types. The views on the Baphomet differ significantly from college student to college student and mystic direction to mystic direction.