Sunday, 27 May 2007

Visitors Guides

Presenting four visitations

There'll be Deep Ones under the white qliphoths of Dover...

i] Orford Ness: HPL Airport - a runway for the arrival of the outer ones, where depleted canteens serve nuclear energy for holidaying yuggoth. A threnody for the Energy Spectres of Horishima, where the welcoming committee sing paeans to irreal aliens, the national anthem of Rl'yeh, a hymn to Lam.

ii]London's Qliphoth, Centrepoint and Post Office Tower. Beneath Transplutonian pylons we complete Grant and Gardner's aborted 1949 rite.
Section 1... Gardner's Party
Section 2... Avenue Of Parfaxitas, a time stretched rendering of the
qlipha who inhabit the subways of Tottenham Court Road... Accordion playing
busker, begger, Hare Krisna drummers,station announcers...insectival chatter of pedestrians, snatched conversations are descontructed and reverse to create the language as described on the hexacontalithos, by Solinus.

Parfaxitas - Starless Mire And Necronomicon Noir
Beneath Tottenham Court Road lies the venereal reflex of Soho, Parfaxitas, black light district of Atlantis, where Krisna Cult, house bands play Maat rock in the brothels and red temples, where free-ojaz outfits purge their engrams in the cellars of scientology.
One such offering is The Last Mushrooms, it is difficult to know how long they have been in residence here, perhaps they always have. Their music battles over the drumming buskers' petro throb, the ixaxaar gibber and alien beggars, the ludicrous catechisms of station priests... jobsworth Imams ullulating from their smoked glass minarets, these are the demons of dispersion, the choronzons of the commuter, spouting qabalastic spin to guide us through the tunnels of Set... a malfunctioning Cthulhu of electric teratogens, of atavistic sweat and psychiatric debris...
A Starless Mire, Necronomicon Noir

iii] The parallel pastoral world Of Pantruel - Butley and Rendlesham as mirror of Crowley's hideous air brushed art, near progressive rock, laudanum soaked vision - The Amalantrah Working.

From Amalantrah Working.
I began by asking for a vision containing a message. I first heard gurgling water and saw a dark farmhouse in among trees and green fields. The house and other things disappeared and a dark yoni appeared just where the house had stood. I then asked where will a message come from? Immediately soldiers with guns appeared lounging about the place and a king on a throne where the house had stood. I then asked again for a message and saw an egg in which were many many tiny convolutions of some flesh-like substance which would form something. The egg was placed in an oblong as in a picture

The Rendlesham incident... took place near the farmhouse
soldiers with guns lounging around... Bentwaters...
king on a throne? the seat of Anglo Saxon king RedWald at Rendlesham
the egg in which there were many tiny convolution... the crashed landed craft...

Astral Suffolk
T. and I entered the astral plane. I draped in a diaphanous virile yellow green, he in a brilliant red with gold braid. In one hand he had a sceptre and a ring on the other. We went through the ceiling and up about 900 feet in the air and looked up and saw an eye in the clouds. We went to the place of the eye and saw a platform-like building. There were many doors with signs of various sorts on them, such as the Swastika etc., etc. We went to a distant door at the end of the corridor on which there was no sign. A dwarf stood to the right and a girl to the left of the door. I asked the dwarf where the door led to. He did not answer but showed a column with a blazing top. I asked the woman and she said ``Heaven.'' Interpreted, it meant where we wanted to go. I opened the door easily and saw a corridor in darkness. We passed through and saw light outside at the end door. A sheep was just inside the door. (Also sheep down on the ground below.) We went outside and looked down a few hundred feet upon a beautiful pastoral scene and some villages. We dropped down to this scene. A beautiful lady came. She was blonde and dressed in creamy white. I asked her her name and she answered ``Eve.'' This seemed wrong for her to say. I asked her where we were to go to. She said ``France.'' I asked about the message and after some time she lay upon the ground with her head toward us and waved her hand, which looked like the fins of a fish, toward a village. We all went there. On the way a man who looked like a Greek philosopher walked a little behind us as if he were in a shadow. He had a staff and was in Greek costume.

When we came to the village which was called Pantruel, we saw a church in front of which was a square in which there was a cone-shaped fountain. The fountain was made of metal and water spurting from each petal of the cone. Later the fountain showed that it was also flaming. The dwarf was now with us and we asked him who was the fountain keeper.

iv] The Brundish Horror... New England superimposed over Suffolk, marriages of locals and old ones at Leiston, under the orb of Sizewell B (Reactor or Egg of Lam?)
Songs And Ceremonies of the Old Ones a discovered recording ala John Levy An Anthropology of Cthulhu.. Rl'yeh as Dunwich.

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