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A Black Plaque For The Goat of Mendes

A Black Plaque For The Goat Of Mendes. A Study in Horror Anthropology. The ultimate homage in our Black Plaque series. The Goat of Mendes himself was invoked in a pagan glade at Walpurgisnacht 1929. The Devil Rides Out is re-painted on a decadent canvas of pastoral surrealism, scored with lush strings and bestial electronics. From the picnic grounds of Black Park in Berkshire to the antique mansions of the ram, fiction and ethnography conflate in lurid Kodachrome colour and sound. Ltd edition CD and essay. 

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Release 1st May 2019.

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Visitors Guides: Your Passport to the Qliphoth

In 1919, Aleister Crowley achieves rapport with an entity of extra-terrestrial intelligence, LAM, via an opium laced vision, The Amalantrah Working. Close to death, he passes on a portrait of LAM to his acolyte Kenneth Grant. London 1949, Gerald Gardner and Grant attempt to bring down the power from alien sources on the site later occupied by Centre Point. In 1980, Rendlesham, Suffolk, becomes a Centre Of Pestilence prophesised by mediums in Grant's occult lodge of the late 1950s. Is the epidemic of alien visitations following the dropping of the Atomic bomb in August 1945 due to a cataclysmic upheaval in our cosmic consciousness... are these entities really energy spectres, dakinis and distant cousins of Lovecraft's Outer Ones? In a mind expanding voyage through England's Qliphoth, we are proud to present a series of Visitor's Guides: audio recordings and aural assays, the radioactive samples of researches at the cold war citadel of Orford Ness, the site of the suspected UFO crash landing at Rendlesham, the ruins of Dunwich, a witch lair at Brundish, the carnal tunnels of Soho.

English Heretic - Visitor Guides - Your Passport To The Qliphoth

01 - A Threnody For The Energy Spectres Of Nagasaki 24:42
Recorded on location at Orford Ness, 9th August 2006, then processed and composed in the studio.

02 - London's Qliphoth - The Ritual At Centre Point 3:24
03 - In Parfaxitas 13:52
Recorded on location beneath Tottenham Court Road, May 2007, then processed and music recorded in the studio.

04 - Open The Mithraic Stargate 16:54
Recorded on location in Rendlesham Forest, December 2005, then processed and composed in the studio.

05 - The Brundish Horror 2:26
Recorded on location at Brundish churchyard and the ruins of Greyfriars monastery, Dunwich, Suffolk, September 2004, then remixed in the studio.

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Ritual Ephemera

Ritual Ephemera is an A4 full colour book of English Heretic artwork comprising flyers, Lisa Cradduck's archive of cover designs: proofs, test prints and notes. In addition Ritual Ephemera includes a series of prints from our Shell Nature Studies, a unique exploration of occultural interpretations of the Tarot as well as a new series of photojournal style collages inspired by Peter Beard.

Supporting the artwork there'll be a gigography, lists of our favourite records,films and books as well as previously unpublished writings discussing key influences on the project.

The book comes with a 60 minute CD of live studios sessions, the template for 2018 performances. Radical reworkings from the back catalogue and blueprints of work in progress.

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Summer Of Blood

50 years on from The Summer of Love, and epiphany of a new egalitarian society, English Heretic present a fugue for a contused Isle. Using the occult binoculars of M R James' View From A Hill we spy a parallel present, a country overrun by Vehmic justice. There's blood on Eton's claw as we dissect a classic 1967 documentary detailing the rituals and inequities at the root of our present dystopia. The strangely prescient films of Kevin Brownlow are mashed together to reveal a society teetering on the edge of civil war. Brideshead is reanimated as we explore the Hypocrites Club of Evelyn Waugh's youth and its connections with the death of Raoul Loveday at Cefalu. A homage to the paranoid lyrics of Arthur Lee and Love's Forever Changes, Summer Of Blood repurposes obscure psych tracks from 1967, creating a violent collage to put the hate back in Ashbury. Summer Of Blood comes with a full Oz style booklet of over saturated prose and images.

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Mutton Fist Print Studio will be hosting an exhibition of English Heretic artwork. The show opens on 21st April. As well as displaying some of the original artwork for “Anti-Heroes”, “The Underworld Service” and “Mondo Paranoia”, Exorcism In Style will present Mutton Fist's unique interpretation of selected graphics from the English Heretic project. Form is revisited and re-imagined, as the show takes it title from Raymond Queneau's celebrated Exercises In Style. To accompany the show, and in homage to Queneau's work, we will be releasing a limited edition CD of deliriously re-imagined tracks from the back catalogue. 24 copies available on the night will be come in original handprinted sleeves. 

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Wish You Were Heretic

Two years in the making, we are delighted to announce our 14th album will be released on March 23rd England's fields are ploughed to reveal their sullied under soil. We plot the career of artist and huckster occultist Charles Pace, from his murals at Boleskine, via the murderous hills of Warwickshire to incredulous blasphemies on the dolce vita. An encroaching psammosere replaces the village green as we explore the undulating correspondences between M R James and Robert Graves. England's puritan dream dissolves to a leering priapic demon sphere. 40 minutes of pagan post punk, incantatory monologues and gnostic insinuations, Wish You Were Heretic is English Heretic's heaviest incarnation to date. The LP will be released in both CD and LP formats accompanied with a booklet of essays.

Track Listing:

Rite Of Saint Secaire
Theme From A Gnostic Dozen
The Dark Glass
The Alabaster Heart
Who Is It Who Is Coming?

LP (Vinyl) Version UK (£18)
LP (Vinyl) Version Europe (£22)
LP(Vinyl) Version Rest Of The World (£25)

A Study Of Lunar Research Flights

A Study of Lunar Research Flights was the codename for a US military operation to explode a nuclear bomb on the moon. The phallic lunacy of cold war weapon testing is the launchpad for English Heretic to meditate on the cosmic battle between sol and luna. The red and white of alchemy as primal landscapes and archetypes, designated by sun and moon. This release navigates a rich route from the solar temple of Bawdsey missile base via the utterly mysterious shrine to Astarte at Margate's Shell Grotto back to the cruel tophet of Carthage. Under the tutelage of Tanit and Ba'al, this is music for hermetic time and space travel: flight commanders Carl Sagan and Artaud. Comes with 24 page A5 illustrated booklet

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The Underworld Service CD and Guide Book

After a decade of toil in the blood drenched, worm eaten, occult battlefields of Albion, English Heretic takes a well earned holiday... in Hades.  The Underworld Service is a 70 minute radio broadcast from Tartarus, where every song and news report is an intimation of our mortality. The Underworld Service subverts the culture show format and celebrates the hard hitting documentary format. Scanning a waveband of Corpse Oriented Rock, Philosophical Stoner, Field Trip Hop, Horror Folk, and Funereal Disco, The Underworld Service is English Heretic’s most death enhancing release to date.

The Underworld Service comes with a 48 page colour guide to accompany your voyage. Informed by the work of James Hillman, English Heretic undertake a series of ritual descents and movements towards the seas of the unconscious.

We survey Greek Horror fads of the 1970s. We look at the eschatological warnings of the fabled alchemist Fulcanelli and follow his trail from a church in London to the irradiated coasts of Suffolk. We travel to the white cliffs of Sussex to meet an occult beachcomber. The living dead are unearthed in the beautiful limestone ravines of the Peak district and traced to their necromantic origins in the Black Temples of Atlantis. We raise a glass to the enolic mornings of Malcolm Lowry, inside a giant mausoleum. We travel to Hiroshima to record the voice of Kwanon and transmit haunting military experiments from the jungles of Vietnam.

CD track listing
* Inside The Mausoleum
* River Of Black Rams' Blood
* Invisible Canon
* The Alchemist Of Saltdean
* The Pherenike
* Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
* Video Anxieties
* Peregrine
* Transmutation At Sizewell B
* Operation Wandering Soul
* The Underworld Service

48 page colour A5 book

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Digital Download plus pdf version of Guide Book (£6 at Bandcamp)

The Temple Of Remembrance / Sacred Geography Of British Cinema

Limited edition re-issue of English Heretic's first two releases from 2005: Temple Of Remembrance and The Sacred Geography of British Cinema. Temple Of Remembrance commemorates the tragic figure of Michael Reeves who died shortly after directing Witchfinder General. The Sacred Geography of British Cinema presents a guide to the opening scene of Witchfinder General set in the medieval village of Kersey. Creepy and creaky experimental folk electronics, Mansonesque psychedelia, & EVP type collages (culled from field visits to the crematorium ground on which Reeves' ashes were scattered). The new edition comes with a revised and expanded booklet: a reflection on the genesis of the English Heretic project, as well as a survey of film locations, and a poetic meditation on the Anglo-American ricochets of Suffolk's esoteric history. The New Geography of Witchcraft also extends on the paranoid conspiracy of celluloid cursing. Did the infamous Lavenham witch burning scene from Reeves' final film unleash a chain of violence that would ultimately embroil a host of counter-culture figures in its embers? We present further information to confound this absurdly terrifying theory and to weave a greater mawkish tapestry of history and fiction.

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Purchase digital version and PDF booklet at Bandcamp.

Mondo Paranoia CD and Booklet

Mondo Paranoia: A Medieval History Of The Early 1960s explores the thanatological synchronicities of the 22nd November 1963: the simultaneous deaths of JFK, Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis. Paradoxically 22nd and 23rd November also witnessed the activation of two mind bending Pop programmes: The Beatles' world conquering second album and the first episode of Dr Who.

Mondo Paranoia serves as an initiatory and analeptic voyage into the deep mind of the 60s: further katabatic excursions to its queasy and oleaginous core are planned for 2014.

Wrapped in a crime scene linocut cover by Lisa Cradduck, comprising of a 33 min documentary and 12 page essay, Mondo Paranoia, English Heretic’s 11th release beckons in the coming fimbulwinter and honours with relish the diabolical release schedules of our media cabals.

CD  - With music constructed from forensic sampling of JFK's funeral, amplifications from ancient television transmissions, and field recordings from the Kennedy memorial at Runnymede.

Track Listing:
1. Mondo Paranoia
2. Motorcade Taurobolium
3. Forensic Spiritualism Today!
4. The Injectors
5. Hymns For The Fimbulwinter
6. Runnymede 68

Booklet - The accompanying document is an unofficial report on the taurobolium in Dallas and its ramifications for reality, extending as far as the previously undisclosed sex laboratories of time and relative dimensions in space.

Mondo Paranoia is available as a limited edition CD and booklet.

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Digital copy of CD and Booklet over at Bandcamp

"Anti-Heroes" CD and Book

English Heretic present the results of a five year report, with a portmanteau of Black Plaque commemorations constellated in the suburbs West of London. “Anti-Heroes” excavates the intersection between the clinics of J.G. Ballard and the Hellfire Club's kitsch gnosticism, disinterring the suicide cult of Psychomania and celebrating the nihilism of George Sanders. Conjuring a host of clown demons congregated at the periphery of sanity’s goetic circle, necromancy and pop culture collide in the fast lane to create a casualty list of self-sacrificing warlocks and paranoid would be assassins. Unbuckle your seat belts and experience a near death trip along the luna corridors of Ballard’s Crash, accompanied by a litany of pathological spirits and pulp chimeras, remnants from a yellowing mashup of forensic fiction and cinema grimoires. Apprehend the aesthetic conspiracy of place as we unearth startling evidence of a May-Eve coven near Henley-on-Thames and realise the elements in your psyche that purport to be poet or blood brother, mother, maid or pucelle.

Dr Robert Vaughan - Hoodlum Scientist of JG Ballard's Crash
Angel Blake - Child coven leader in Blood On Satan's Claw
George Selwyn - Monk of Medmenham
Ian Ball - Dangerous working class dissenter of Uxbridge
Robert Cochrane - Suicidal witch-cult leader from Slough
George Sanders - Patron Saint of misanthropic cads

8 track CD of feel bad songs to accompany your eternal journey to Tartaus

60 page book, to while away time at the termini of life’s tragedy.

CD Track Listing
1: The Dangerous Gift
2: Hell's Angel Blake
3: Goetia AD 72
4. The Mall Timeslip
5. Heart Burial And Soul
6. Vaughan To Lose
7. Fungi From Suburbs
8. Two Hundred And Forty Hours 

Sold out. Mail orders@english-heretic_at_org_at_uk to be informed of future pressing

Digital Download (and pdf booklet) £6 at Bandcamp

Black Harvest

A 7" vinyl single presented in handprinted woodcut cover depicting a seal from The Black Pullet grimoire, a booklet discussing the aetiology of our hermetic dictum "Black Harvest", and a tarot card from the Egyptian deck. It is your card to guide you through all your nekyias of 2013.

A pessimistic road trip, taking in corpse paths and the sacrificial king's Journada Del Muerto; the new single recites Rune poems from Danby church in Yorkshire where the lychgate seers would watch at the porch for the procession of the future dead. In our context the voyant's watch is a socio-occult metaphor for a darkening land riven by psychic malaise. The single is also a harbinger for the 2013 research project "Wish You Were Heretic".

7inch single (woodcut cover), booklet and Tarot Card
Track 1: Black Harvest
Track 2: Vaughan To Lose

£6.00 UK
£7.50 Rest Of The World
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Plan For The Kidnap Of Princess Anne (Picture Disc LP)

Using found recordings, a research group from English Heretic reconstruct the attempted kidnap of Princess Anne by Ian Ball. On the evening of March 20th 1974 Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips were returning from a charity film event in support of The Riding For The Disabled Association, when their limousine was held up along the Mall, by Ball. Eventually tackled by police officers, Ball was arrested. In May 1975, Ball was convicted of attempted murder and kidnap. A diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, Ball still remains in detention under the Mental Health Act. In presenting the kidnap from different angles: Ball's confession; Reggie Bosanquet's slurred ITN news report, and the mumbling gaucheness of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips' recital on The Parkinson Show – what emerges is a Parallax View of the event. A cubist documentary. Time conflates and distorts, the players exhibit distinct symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – flashbulb memories of trivial details magnify and all notion of forensic truth smashes like a broken window in the back of Princess Anne's limousine.
"You can look at a piece of a puzzle for three whole days, you can believe that you know all there is to know about its colouring and shape, and be no further on than when you started. The only thing that counts is the abolity to link this piece to the other pieces. The pieces are readable, take on a sense, only when assembled...” (G. Perec).

Side 1: Plan For The Kidnap Of Princess Anne
Side 2: Ian Ball - The most dangerous working class dissenter

£8.50 UK/Ireland

£12.00 Rest Of The World

Tales Of The New Isis Lodge

Probably the first Musical inspired by the creative occultism of Kenneth Grant, Tales Of The New Isis Lodge presents 65 minutes of lush and occult exotica issuing from a transplutonic transmitter. Drawing its structure from the ultra decadent and ornate rituals described in Grant's book Hecate's Fountain English Heretic guide you through Egyptian pre-history to the fungi of yuggoth, re-imagine flower power in an indian tantric idiom, describe the workings of Chinese sorcerers, realise the neither-neither hidden within the jump rhythms of Count Basie and invoke Choronzon in the Crimson Desert. Aeons in its reification and packaged in delicious artwork, stylised as a homage to Grant's Typhonian tomes.

CD Track Listing: 1] Typhonian Museum Piece 2] She Comes In Kalas 3] Tales Of The New Isis Lodge 4] Earth's Lament To The Stars 5] Cult Of The Ku 6] Vevers Of The Void 7] Les Voltigeurs 8] Secret Organization Of The Zotzil 9] Rite Of Kepra 10] Demon Feast / The Dagger Of Bou Said

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Wyrd Tales 2

English Heretic is delighted to announce the delivery of Wyrd Tales 2: a salvaged miscegenation of occult pulp, speculative meta-fiction, neolithic fantasy and mythic sci-fi. Wyrd Tales 2 will transport you to the horrific record collections of R'lyeh and the submerged libraries of a comic book Crowley.

Within its lurid pages, futuristic crab men crawl and the Machiavellian spectre of Joe Kennedy plots. Reports come in from the east coast of radical cannibal cults, we scry the haunted inner cinema of Norfolk beaches and shamanic lights are seen in ancient Britain's aeyr ways.

Featuring contributions by a renowned and talented roster of guest artists and writers, together with a CD of aural lagan, Wyrd Tales 2 promises to provide the magical vehicle for an archetypal voyage to England’s deep.

Wyrd Tales 2! Art and writing by Lisa Cradduck, Mark Fisher, English Heretic, Ken Hollings, Dean Kenning, Phil Legard, Mark Pilkington and Sarah Sparkes.

Book Contents (140 pages full colour)

Wyrd – in poetry, theory and practice
Planet of the spiders
The Dunwich tapes
Heuristic catalogues: A.W.D.R.E.Y Recordings
The storm towers of Atlantis
‘Bleak and solemn...’ the hauntological landscapes of M.R. James
First reports of a Tantric death cult At Ganges

CD Contents (41min) comes in Digipak featuring: 'The Dunwich Mix Tapes'

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Wyrd Tales 1

With twisting and fateful reports reflected in an obsidian mirror, woven by the very hands of the Norns, Wyrd Tales recounts the actual waking nightmares experienced by the staff of English Heretic as they conduct their uncanny   investigations. Comprising over two years of research, field visits and pathworkings, Wyrd Tales also surveys the geography of creative inspiration, extrapolating outrageous and vertical asymptotes for future imaginative discourse .Indeed, Wyrd Tales is intended both as an exciting escape from the tyranny of fact and as a practical ordnance survey of our country's psychohistorical contours.

We visit the haunts of Matthew Hopkins, the parishes of his victims, the desolate and ravenous bays of Daphne Du Maurier. We excavate among the gnostic ruins of M.R. James and drink in the ojas of Austin Spare's London. From our nation’s unconscious libraries we unearth hallucinatory and hermetic monographs. We discover the lost reels of a Frazerian horror film and catalogue the fantastic occult pathologies that ferment from a racial memory of zealot’s purge and war time trauma.

To complement and animate the magazine, Wyrd Tales comes with a 70 minute CD containing documentary evidence of our imaginal interpenetrations. Culled from phonographic recordings, in situ improvisations and studio distillations, these aural commentaries provide the finest synaesthetic liqueur to  accompany your fireside readings of this Albionic Al Azif.

Magazine Contents
92 pages, Black and White artwork throughout, 4 page colour spread, colour cover.
*Season Of The Witches' Glove
*Hermetic Correspondences In The Confessions Of Two 17th Century Suffolk Witches
*An Unusual Case of Accidental Hanging Associated With Ritual Activity
*The Abraxas Inheritance - A Screenplay
*The D-Daimons Of Menabilly
*A Future Cult At Burnstow? An Occult Blueprint For The Temple Of Sariel Based On M.R. James' "Oh Whistle" The Aossic Radio

CD track listing (70 minutes in length)
i] Season Of The Witches’ Glove
ii] Pan Satyros
iii] The Digitalis Experience (Side 1)
iv] Theme From The Abraxas Inheritance
v]The Menabilly Pathworking
vi] Oh Whistle And I’ll Come To You.
vii] The Vampires Are Coming / Minion Of The Outer Ones

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English Heretic Dossiers 1: Black Harvest Special Event Edition

The first in a series of handy information packs for aspiring magical geographers and modern necromancers. This dossier is a very limited edition of single Black Harvest made for our recent performance on Plough weekend January 12th 2013.

The pack contains a two track single, an essay discussing the aetiology of our hermetic dictum "Black Harvest", and a tarot card from the Egyptian deck. It is your card to guide you through all your nekyias of 2013.

The Black Harvest event was a bleak new year ceremony, coinciding with the plough workers Straw Bear festival. This event also served as a launch night for the next single again titled Black Harvest. A pessimistic road trip, taking in corpse paths and the sacrificial king's Journada Del Muerto; the new single recites Rune poems from Danby church in Yorkshire where the lychgate seers would watch at the porch for the procession of the future dead. In our context the voyant's watch is a socio-occult metaphor for a darkening land riven by psychic malaise. The single is also a Harbinger for the 2013 research project "Wish You Were Heretic".

CD, Essay and Tarot Card
Track 1: Black Harvest
Track 2: Vaughan To Lose

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